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Our philosophy

Morabeza Deluxe is not only about renting beautiful apartments.
We at Morabeza Deluxe have a vision, which is to bring awareness to others about our culture and customs. To honor our great ones (B.leza, Cesária Évora…), and to support our talented artists and musicians.

Come spend your holidays with us and get to know the stories behind the beautiful eyes and smiles of our people .

Welcome to Morabeza Deluxe, welcome to Cape Verde!

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Our Apartments

B. Leza or Beleza (1905 – 1958) was a Cape Verdean writer, composer and a singer.
He was born in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. B. Leza is the one who innovated morna by introducing passage chords which he used frequently playing morna. This also known as the Brazilian halftone. He wrote several poems that appeared in the Claridade review.

Cesária Évora (1941 – 2011) was a Cape Verde singer.
Nicknamed the Barefoot Diva for performing without shoes, she was known as the Queen of Morna.
Évora began singing as a young woman in bars in her hometown of Mindelo.

Morabeza DeLuxe presents apartment Coladeira ♥️

Coladeira is a Cape Verdean musical genre and also a dance, like a ballroom dance.

Here in Cape Verde we don’t need much to have fun and to enjoy life without stress.

Sodade describes the nostalgia experienced by Cape Verdeans emigrants who have been seafarers and emigrants for centuries.

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São Vicente

São Vicente is all about Mindelo which is the capital of São Vicente. It is also the cultural capital of Cape Verde. The city is one of the richer cities of Cape Verde and is known for its cozy atmosphere, music, architecture and bustling liveliness. The port city inspired many intellectuals, musicians and artists. Because of all the live music, the carnival and other music festivals, São Vicente is also called the Rio de Janeiro of Cape Verde. Beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts will also be attracted to São Vicente. An island that is certainly worth a visit.

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