São Vicente


Mindelo is the beating heart of São Vicente.  Nestled at the foot of two extinct volcanoes and built around a deep water harbour, it’s a bustling traditional town filled with cafés, restaurants and colonial architecture.  This city comes to life in the evening, with music pouring out of small venues and cafés.  A dinner and live music shouldn’t be missed.

Cape Verdean handicrafts are a reflection of the constraints caused by the drought and the limited natural resources they have on the islands.  Basket weaving plays a very important role in the archipelago and together with cloth weaving they characterise the islands’ handicraft heritage.

The Cape Verdean alcoholic drink ‘Grogue’, Fogo wine, coffee beans and the abundantly available local sweet make excellent souvenirs.  And here in Mindelo, where the live music is said to be the best, CD’s of local music can be bought to take back home with you.

São Vicente

At the top of the Monte Verde you have a great panoramic view of Mindelo. For example, you can see the iconic Monte Cara mountain. In clear weather you can even see the island of Santo Antao and the uninhabited islands of Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso. It’s a perfect opportunity for a photo.

Calhau is a little fishing village on the east coast.

Praia Grande is a golden sandy beach with views on the bay and the mountains.

Baía das Gatas is known for its music festival. The place is placked with holiday homes which are only inhabited during the weekends.  However Baía das Gatas has a marvellous natural pool, it’s very likely that you’ll be all alone to enjoy the beauty of this place.